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J.S. Bach (arr. Yves Corsellis) – Passacaglia BWV 582

Passacaglia en Fuga BWV 582, Piano, 28 p.


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This is a major addition to the repertoire. There are many excellent transcriptions from organ works by Bach, written by Liszt, Busoni and Kurtag, but none of these dared to transcribe the monumental Passacaglia and Fugue BWV 582. There are quite a few transcriptions by others, but these are lacking in several aspects. Corsellis found several ingenious solutions to problems in transcribing an organ work as the passacaglia, resulting in a transcription that sounds both authentic, transparant and full.
Several citations from the review of PianoNews: ‘Existing transcriptions could not convince the Belgian pianist Yves Corsellis, forcing him to make his own transcription. That one is available now with music publisher Valeur Ajoutée in an impressive faithful edition, provided with an extremely detailed preface by the author himself.[..] Besides is made use of a scala of techniques, that bear wittness of a remarkably thorough research into transcription techniques. The result is an arrangement that is as pianistic as it is fathful to the text.[..]The score is accurate and reader-friendly.’


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Yves Corsellis


Valeur Ajoutée