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422play (Volume I)

Reitze Smits – 422play (volume I), 29 p. organ. demo pages


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Already in the 16th century, compositions for two players at one keyboard instrument were called ‘for two to play’ in England. Nowadays, when organ duo’s are becoming a regular phenomenon, this was inspiration for Reitze Smits to write a serie of compositions and arrangements for organ duet.

Volume I:
1 Cumuli (compass C-c’’’; two manuals with descant stops and pedal), duration 5:45 minute.
2 A certain Harmony (compass C-d’’’; three manuals and pedal), duration 8:00 minute.

In this first two compositions, the primo part is more of a solistic kind, the secondo more accompanying. It is therefore also suitable for use in a context of teaching (in which the accompanying part can just as well played by the teacher), or in recitals in which the stop assistant can accompany the soloist in one piece for organ duet.


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